Monday, December 13, 2010

American Companion

Opa!!! so it turns out, my companion was involved in a mini transfer so I'm have a new companion now, Elder Wagoner, an american with exactly one more year than me. It's kinda weird to walk around with an american all day I won´t lie. I'm still not sure about this speakin english business. Anywho, he's basically the MAN and we get along really well. Also, he reminds me alot of Jeff( as in cousin Jeff) which is cool. Our area is going pretty well now that were doin that work thing where you actually leave the house, we had a ward integration activity on friday which went about as well as the last one I did in Jordão. Which means we had a million children uncontrollably screaming and running around while we tried to tie their legs together to do a three legged race and organize other such activities. It was good though I think everybody made it out alive. As far as other interesting facts, today I went paintballing which was quite the Pday activity. I only won one of the games but I guess I just wasn't a born fighter. I suppose chistmas is around the bend, or at least that's the word on the street, but I'm having a hard time believing it based on current cliate conditions. Excited nonettheless. Well I dont really have much Pday left plus my hair is looking pretty shaggy so I'd better run take care of that but a good week to all.

Elder BAngerter

Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6, 2010

Well, we made it through the weekand it looks like my companions alive, but I'll have to verify that just to be sure. It was a pretty eventful week if you know what I mean. I didn´t quite finish my BOM goal but at least I got to about page ten. I actually ended up doing divisions and working in the office inputing baptismal forms into the computer though. I guess President wanted me to keep working or something, but I haven´t quite nailed down why yet. It was actually kinda funny though, the other two missionaries in the apartment got sick too. I think they started wondering why there was just one missionary free of disease. Luckily I'm pretty sure they never realized I was poisoning their food so I think I'm good. I found out that lady in my last area who had a dream as a response to her prayer got baptized yesterday so I'm pretty happy about that. It was a pretty neat experience. Anyways, I'm outta time but thanks so much for the emails, Dan it´s good to hear from you, I'll try to get a letter out soon. Have a good week!
ELder Bangerter

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30, 2010

Alrighty, so I guess it´s been a while since we had a quality email from Elder Bangerter. then again maybe we´ve never had a quality email from Elder Bangerter but I suppose we´ve just got to live with what we´ve got right? Anywho, just to update the situation, last week I was transferred from Jordão to Campo Grande which is more or less in the center of the city so basically I'm livin high class now. This is probably the best house I've had so far on the mission. It´s got a roof and everything! But ya, my new companion is Elder Antonio from Minas and he´s pretty awesome because, well let´s face it, you put anyone next to Elder Bangerter and he looks good if you know what I mean. We worked alot this week and by worked alot I mean walked around alot pretending to be efficient. It´s always a little rough opening an area though so I'm not to worried and luckily my companion got sick and can´t work for a week so it´s just uphill from here. P-DAY EVERY DAY!!! Just kidding, I'll probably go crazy. I think I'm going to try to read the BOM cover to cover. Anyways, I'm happy and content as always, I still like being a missionary, and I'm still learning tons of good things every day. I suppose that happens when you don´t know too much but really though, I love the refining process of a mission. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, I still havent figured out why they dont have thanksgiving here? I suppose they've got plenty of other holidays to make up for it. Cant wait for Christmas, I've got a really good feeling about this one:) Anyways, keep praying for me and for my area. Let me know whats going on in your lives even if I'm not very good at letting you know what´s going on in mine. Any mission calls or marriages that I missed? By the way, I'm pretty excited that David's gonna be speaking my lingua, we're basically gonna have a party when he gets home.

Love, Elder Bangerter

Monday, November 22, 2010

November 22, 2010

Hey sorry my computer messed up so I didnt get to write a full email but Im alive and I got transfered to the center of the city. MINHA NOSSA DAVID VAI FALAR PORTUGUESE!!!!!! Com certeza vai ser errado mas é portuguese ainda né?

Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010

Hey sorry I dont have a ton of time this week to write but it sounds like everyone is doing great and its awesome to hear the updates from everyone. Congrats JAmes and Nicole on the Jobs and the birthday, you're the best.This week went really well, the baptism and marriage went through so I'm pretty happy about that, I hope we can continue to help that family grow closer still. Sometimes I think it's kinda crazy that I'm a nineteen year old kid helping out married people with families but I suppose David killed Goliath so The Lord does what he wants with whoever he wants. Also, I know we all thought it was impossible but I found another Brother Smith in brazilian form in my ward. I swear it's the same person! Glad to hear as well that we have another red headed (we suppose) boy coming, I hope you can handle another. Congrats Dad on losing 20 pounds, it looks liek youve lost the wieght I gained on the mission. I guess I've just kinda let myself go:) Well. like always I wish I had more time to expound but duty calls.
LOve Elder Bangerter

PS heres the two families we married

Monday, November 8, 2010

Another day of white( we hope)

Well we've been working with a that couple that I mentioned a few weeks ago that he is an inactive and she wanted to get baptized but the marriage didn't go through so we started to work more with him to bring him back to church. The whole time it had been kinda up and down but the other day we were walking to their house when my companion said ( Have you already imagined if we got there and they were separating?) As soon as we knocked, he came to the door to inform us that her family was there to pick her up and that it just wasn't going to work out. We left absolutely devastated but the next day he saw us on the street and told us to pass by because they hadn't separated. We were blown away. Anywho we went there on saturday to try and remark the marriage. I dont think I've ever had a more powerful lesson. It was fight after fight,and one attacking the other until at the end we challenged them to truly humble themselves and repent to let the Lord change thier lives and that if they didnt they would not find happiness. It was truly a powerful experience and I felt the spirit working through us. We managed to remark the marriage and we're praying that they go through with it. It is an experience a little hard to describe in full but it is definitely one that i wont forget. Overall, things are going well in my part of the nieghborhood and I'm lovin life. I've said before, and if I'm reading the weather signals right I do believe I'll say it again, being a missionary is the best!
Elder Bangerter

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another crazy opportunity

If there is one thing I am going to miss as a missionary it's the special privaleges you get. On Saturday we got to see Elder Dallin H. Oaks which was a pretty incredible experience. He is ther third that I've been able to see so far but of all of them, he is the onethat I am most familiar with so it was especially special. When he walked into the chapel he had a giant little boy grin and he was smiling almost the whole time. His voice is so familiar and commanding and it is so neet to hear it in real life. Before he bagan we all got to shake his hand and as I looked deep into his eyes there was a feeling that was hard to describe. I recieved a witness that he is and apostle and prophet of God and I will never forget it. My companion, Elder Santana also related to me afterwards that as he shook his hand, Elder Oaks called him by his first name. There was also a seventy there who gave an awesome talk on repentance and afterwards Elder Oaks spoke to us about revelation and what he has learned about it in his life. I tried to take really good notes but its hard to get it all down. I wish I could relate all of the experience but it was really a marking moment in my life and a great missionary motivator. As far as other things happening here, we'll have two baptisms and a marriage this week so I'm pretty excited for that. Pray for our investigatgors that they will go through with it. I hope you're all doing your missionary part back home and I love you all.
Love Elder Bangerter

Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010

Well it's been a pretty normal week. So basically it's been quite fantastic. The work is going really well, and we got some great investigators from the other area that closed. One is yet another couple with an inactive man and his wife who were set to be married and her baptized but they had abig fight two day before and it was canceled. This week however, we've really been trying to focus on the man, Junior, to address his problems and help him to return to activity. He was baptized at just ten years old and brought almost his whole family into the church but then went inactive. He made some very poor choices and the first time I talked to him a week ago he was having trouble believing in God and felt like there was no happiness in this life. We could have just left him, thinking that he didnt want anything and that he was lost but we testified and taught him as well as we could and every time we go there he pays more attention to what we say. We always mark a part in the Book of Mormon and he tells us how much he enjoys it because it was the exact chapter he needed. It is such a good experience helping him to realize the need he has to repent and the potential that he has when he does. For me it's always more special when you get to help someone who really needs to change thier life and to see the process. There is nothing greater in this life than sincere repentance. As always, pray for me and for our investgators.
Love Elder Bangerter

Monday, October 11, 2010

Same town with a new face in the crowd

So we had transfers today if you believe or not. I know you probably dont. Anywho, My good friend, Elder Corrêa was transfered afer 4 or 5 months here and I recieved Elder Santana who has four months on the mission. I'm very extremely much excited to work with him, he seems like a good hard worker and we should have alot of success this transfer. Last transfer we didnt have alot of visible results but we prepared alot for this transfer and we should start having some good stuff here soon. We're planning a marriage for mext week of and awesome couple, of which the husband is returning from inactivity. we also marked the baptism of a man who will marry one of the sisters in our ward so I'm glad to be working with families now. The area next to me closed so I'll be working in two areas now as well. Probably the best news of the day is that we cleaned the house today and it's AMAZING! Lets just say I should've taken before and after pictures because it's basically a different house now. It helps that we only have two people now. Other than than nothing to extremely or terribly exciting happened this week. I will say however that I am very upset at those individuals who went skydiving WITHOUT ME! I'd like to see you all in my office after my mission to explain your disbehavior. And just when I was beggining to believe you could trust the people in this world. But ya, life is extraordinary, thanks for you're love and support, I'll need your prayers to help with the little extra load. Love you all!
Love Elder Bangerter

Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010

KOREEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Holy cow. I dont even believe it. Tim, you're the man/ you need to write me still. Also glad to hear all about your large stomachs Nicole and Crystal, I hope you're doing well. Conference was pretty awesome of course, I remembered lots of things that I'm really bad at and some things I'm really good at like pride. I especially enjoyed president Monson's talk on gratitude because it's something I need to do so much better. President Eyring promised in the begining of the session to listen for the spirit to tell you what to do, follow that prompting and that in doing such our faith would grow. For me I felt that I needed to keep a list of gratitude with me to lessen my pride and take for grantedness. I really enjoyed how he talked about trusting in the Lord. Thats awesome that you all got to watch the session, wish I coulda been there with ya. Oh ya one more crazy thing, that Dan Jones that I mentioned quite some time ago, that was in uncle Jared's finance class, is a bishop here now but yesterday I was talking to him and realized that his daughter is Macy that Doug was dating. Small world. As far as the work here, we've got two new couples that we''re working with where the husband was inactive but is returning and we should be baptizing both of the wifes soon and marring one that isnt married. They were definitely an answer to prayer and fasting to find a family to teach and I'm loving teaching/strengthening about the gospel. Families are the best! I hope you're all doing well and doing lots of missionary work back hope, love you all. Also everybody give Dan a big kiss for me this week and I do believe that a certain Jazmin Smith is having a birthday soon but I could be mistaken. Alright that's all.
Love Elder Bangerter
P.S. Hey dad could you send me a good picture of the aquarium so I can show it to people, that would be awesome!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 27, 2010

My goodness, reading that email made me really excited. TIM WHERE ARE YOU GOING!!!!!!!!! I feel like a little girl about to watch a barbie movie. Also John, and Dillan you are the mans and averyone else preparing for the mission. I'm really goin crazy thinking about the army that will be leaving from our ward soon. It's also so cool that you to can work together on the missionary committee, it's almost like a senior couple mission. Also cool to hear the miracles of the wedding, glad to know it all went well. Also, I'm basically excited out of my mind for general conference, I've got a good feeling about this one :) As far as stuff thats happened with me since friday, pretty much not too much. We did have an activity at the church on saturday night which was pretty wild. We were trying to teach missionary and gospel principles with exciting competitions like getting the candy out of the bowl of flour with just your face( find people to teach), Fill up the water bottle with cups hidden around the church (fill your scriptural knowledge) , Tug of war (hold to the rod) and so on and so forth. I swear, every detail was perfectly planned and thought out by an incredibly intelligent group of missionaries but it was basically a reproduction of the civil war within the church. Luckily the Lord judges us based on the intents of our hearts. Other than that I cant think of a ton that happened. Love you all and keep up the good work!
Elder Bangerter

Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 24, 2010

Hey sorry last week's email was a little lacking and this weeks is a little late, it's because we went to the temple today. It was awesome but that goes without saying. First items of business, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!, hope you're havin a great one, make sure you eat lots of cake. What are you at like 500 years by now? I'm in absolute unbelief that dan is almost home. Wait...ya, no I still dont believe it at all but oh well. watch out HIghland Village ward! Oh ya, I heard the bishoprick changed as well, Let Bishop Merrill know how much I appreciated his service and all that he did for me and our ward and our quorum and also send my support to the new Bishoprick! as far as news from here, everything is going well, my companion from the Provo MTC finally got here yesterday, pretty crazy! The other day I decided I ought to practice praying in english again but I kinda had to force the words out. I dont know if we ought to be worried or excited. Thanks for the message from Katy, tell her she's the greatest convert I've ever had in my life so she'd better stay strong and happy! Also glad to hear about the Noeltes, that's awesome! One more time, happy birthday dad, love ya tons and hope you're havin a great day! Oh, one more request for everyone reading this email. Ward activities and family nights and such really help out the work down here so if you could all suppliment my lack of creativity with some good group activities just send me an email. thanks, you're the bests!
Love Elder Bangerter

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 13, 2010

Hey so I have approximately zero seconds to email today but I figured I ought to let you know I'm alive and well. It was a fairly good week with weather in the high 70s. I think we'll be looking at some thunderstorms in the coming days keep tuned in. Just kidding, I dont know where that came from but ya I really actually dont have any time. Love you all, have fun and stay safe. COngrats Adam your older, now we just need to work on the wiser part!
LOve Elde Bangerter

Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6, 2010

SARAH'S MARRIED, JOHN GOT HIS MISSION CALL, LIZ GOT HER MISSION CALL, GRAY GOT HIS MISSION CALL, MY MOM'S FIFTY, BEN'S THIRTY, I GOT TRANSFERRED, LOTS OF OTHER BIG NEWS THAT I DONT EVEN KNOW ABOUT!!!! How about every body just slows down alright? Like really, I'm starting think that you've all forgotten that you cant do things while I'm gone. What happened to respect in this world anyways? Oh well. But hey thoug, congrats on everyones calls, holy cow i get so excited knowing you guys will get to do what I'm doing! Like sewiously guys, its the best (Homestar voice). sorry, stupid reference. But ya, I really am so glad that you guys get the opportunity to serve to and I'm excited to hear the others as they come.  Congrats Ben on 30 this week. I would would say your like a grandpa now but then I'd be telling the truth... Also, Sarah Ellen Shuck, congradustinklations, so bummed I had to miss it! Anyyways, as far as me, I got transferred again to JORDÃO ALTO  if you believe it. My new companion is Elder Corrêa dos Santos and he's the man. Because hes my companion. This area has been struggling for a while so we're gonna see if we can improve the situation a little bit. I'm sure the Lord will help if we give 100 percent. My last Pday in Boa Viagem was pretty awesome because the first man we baptised(Reginaldo) had been in the hospital for a long time so I never got to see him when I came back but he returned right before I left the area and it was so great to see his face light up when we came to visit him. He had the picture of the baptism still on the wall and it was great to see how he was doing and see him one more time before I left. Wish I had more time to catch up on stuff but you know how it is. Also sorry I didnt get to write last week. I'm finally getting some pictures to you as well.

LOve Elder Bangerter

1. So sometimes when you forget a normal shirt you just have to make the best of things.

2.  My friend made this tshirt, I thought it was pretty funny

3. Just to make you think I'm in the jungle

4. When we went to visit Reginaldo again

Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23, 2010

Well life goes on as normal. Not a ton to report but it was definitly a good week as always. There is a drunk guy who always speaks english with me so thats pretty fun. Also, I am very much addicted to Acaí and will probably die if I dont find it when I get home. We had kind of a surprise baptism because there was a lady atending another ward who actually would belong to our ward but the missionaries there were teaching her. Anyways, we still got to teach her a little but and we helped her overcome her fear of baptism(she was really scared) and the baptism was awesome. She already has a son who was baptised as well. Also, while we were at her house, her mother was there and she siad that she had been having really terrible nightmares. We gave her a blessing and at the baptism she repoted that they had ceased. It's pretty cool to have the opportuity to use the priesthood on a regular basis. Also kind of random, but lately I've been studying the history of the church and it's pretty incredible to read all of the accounts of faith that they displayed in times of trial. It amazes me how easy we have it and yet we still complain. I'm definitely grateful for our awesome heritage! As always, I'm loving being Elder Bangerter, and I'm not at all anxious to take off my nametag. KInda crazy that tomorrow makes 6 months. I'm no longer a Greenieee!!! As if I was ever a greenie! Anywho, love you all,chow!
Elder Bangerter, the incredibly dashing

Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16, 2010

My goodness I have such old parents! Just kidding. But really though, congrats on 31 awesome years, you ought to be proud of raising the best family on this planet Earth. Also glad you all had a great summer together and glad to hear that Nicole is doing a little better. I'm so happy to hear all about Sarah and everything that's going on in her life. I'm sad to have to miss it all but it's so awesome to know that she's happy. I've been thinking about how I'm going to make a book with all the baptisms here on the mission with a picture and a story but I think Sarah and Katy with be at the front. I'll never forget those baptisms. In fact, I think Sarahs baptism was my second journal entry. Give her a big hug for me! Good luck everyone who is returning to school for the Fall. Also, sister Leonard, thanks for the email it was awesome, I have my two family pictures up on the wall where i study. I can't believe Dan is already coming to an end and I'm just beginning, it's ridiculous. Also Davids going to college holy cow! As far as my week, it was really great, we found and awesome kid thats 18 years ols named Cristiano. We taught him the first lesson, gave him a BOM and the next day he said when we went to get him for church, he was all dressed with everything including a tie clasp. I asked him if he read and prayed and he paused a minute, pointed to the BOM and said in a very sincere voice "this book is true". It was really awesome. thanks everyone, I love you all

Elder Bangerter

Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010

Time is short but it's great to hear about everything that's going on and share at least a little of everyone's lives. This was a pretty darn good week, and we definitely worked a  lot which always feels really good. It's just so satisfying. The cool news of the week is that we're teaching a professional soccer player from the Pernambuco team, SPORT, (I know pretty creative name right). His wife is already a member and she called asking if we could teach him so thats awesome. In our first visit he told us about how he really wanted to learn more about the church because he wants to be sealed with his wife in the temple. It's pretty neat to see his determination and also his humility. You can really tell he wants to be better. I'm glad you had a fun fathers day at Ben and Whitneys, I dont know what this ridiculousness is being able to call on mothers day but not Fathers day. Oh well. That's also awesome that you got to see Parley P Pratts grave, I have been reading in his autobiography and his faith is truly incredible. He knew exactly what he would face and he still went forward without question. His story has truly grown my faith. I hope you all have a great week, love you all!.
Elder Bangerter
Oh, also I might have recieved a package from alice in case she was wondering.

Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2, 2010

So today, I ventured into the depths of the bottom of the refrigerator and defeated the moldy melon monsters and their minions. It was quite the experience and I can truly say I wouldnt be the man I am today without it. So, It's kinda crazy that I'm already almost a fourth of the way into my mission. I'm running out of time! It was a pretty normal week though. We walked alot so that was probably the best part. We're still working on getting more really firm investigators but everythings going well and the ward is helping so thats really awesome. We did have a baptism of one of the investigators of the previous missionaries so we didnt really get to teach her much but we can still work with the rest of her family and it was really awesome baptism. Her dad and brother were already baptized so her brother baptized her which is always better. Now we just have to work with her mom and her husband. It was really cool though because we combined with the other ward's baptism and their bishop told his conversion story which was pretty awesome. He said that one day it occured to him that if there was a book recorded by the people in Jerusalem about the works of God, Maybe there ought to be a similar book recorded in the Americas. He said he asked one of his friend about it but he called him ridiculous but that he prayed to know if such a book existed and a few weeks later the missionaries showed up on his doorstep. It was definitely a powerful testimony of the Lords hand in everything. Oh also, one funny story. So we were trying to get into the chapel but the keys werent working so my companion was climbing over the fence and ripped his pants. It was pretty funny. Also, a language update: I think things are coming along quite well because I'm messing up in English now so I guess that means I'm a pro now. Either that or I just stink at both languages.  Anywho I'm outta time but it's great to hear about whats going on with everyone and I'll be praying for Nicole. Thats pretty crazy about the Prius, why buy one when you can buy two for twice the price! Oh also I hear that you got a sea horse awhile ago, I wanna picture. Love you all, have a great week!
Elder Bangerter
oh also, how is dads leg?
Oh and the pictures
1. I just couldnt resist

2. just wanted to let you know hes still hangin around

3.The baptism this weekend

4.Heres from when Elder Anderson came

Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010

Well it's another wonderful Pday in the wonderful Boa Viagem and I just got my hair cut nice and short so I'm lookin pretty sharp. Not that anyone cares, but its been a pretty productive day already, I started my laundry, cleaned the sticky nastiness off the kitchen floor, gave my suit to the drycleaners, cut my hair, ate some finely cooked eggs and now I'm writing a wonderfully interesting email to my family. This week was pretty good, a little rough since we're having to reopen the area but yesterday we found some families that were reammy excited when we taught them so I've got a felling this is gonna be an awesome transfer! Maria, our first baptism is absolutely awesome and helping us a ton with the work which is a real blessing. My companion is awesome. he's kind of a goober, I love it. Well sorry there's not a ton to report this week but hey you just ought to be grateful for what you get. It's great to hear about the baptismcoming up, keep up the good work and I'll be praying for the work at home. Also glad to hear the family is still getting along without too much problem :) Sorry about wht happened with the tree Dad, I hope you're doing alright and of course you and everyone are in my prayers! Sorry I'm a slacker this week but I'll probably have some pictures next week.

Love Elder Bangerter

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 21, 2010

14. And it Came to pass that while he was jouneying thither in Candelaria, being weighed down with sorrow, wading through much water and mud, because of the much rain, it came to pass while Elder Bangerter was thus weighed down with water, behold an Assistent of the President called unto him saying:
15. Blessed art thou Elder Bangerter; therefore, lift up thy head and rejoice, for thou hast great cause to rejoice: for thou hast hbeen faithful in keeping the mission rules from the time you got to Recife and thou hast had an awesome transfer in Candelaria.
16. And behold, I am calling you to command thee that thou return to the city of Boa Viagem, and preach again to the people of that city: yea preach unto them. Yea say unto them, except they repent the Lord God will destroy them
...18. Now it came to pass that after Elder Bangerter had recieved this phone call from the Assistant of the Preident he returned speedily to the area of Boa Viagem. And he entered the city with another companion, yea the companion that is called Elder Quabreira.
-Alma 8:14-18
So ya, turns out, I got transfered back to my old area. Who woulda thought? I wont lie I was pretty sad to get the call, because I've really grown to love the people and especially the families in Candelaria and I really think its one of the best areas in the mission. I'm also gonna miss elder Magalhães though, he was an awesome missionary and we really became great friends. I'm sure the Lord needs me back here in Boa Viagem though and I'll probably stay here for another two transfers. We had a really great end of the transfer though, we baptised two of Priscillas brothers, and both her dad and other brother are marked for this week and her mom (she was baptized when she was ten) is returning and learning to love the church again. That was really the hard part of leaving is that I dont get to see them all baptised together and also that other family of Luiz in the picture with elder Martins is still waiting because the marriage process is really slow but they are really strong and I'm sure they'll make it. I sure hope I can find more families like them here in Boa Viagem. Well time is of the essence but thanks for your prayers.
Love Elder Matthew Haynie Bangerter
P.S. happy birthday Whitney, I hope you had a great one, glad to know my Whitney is all growin up. Also I heard a little something about Brandon Crofts getting his mission call to Texas and I thought I'd give a little gonradulations and good luck.
Oh and the pictures are Elder Magalhães in Candelaria, 
Priscillas baptism, 
 Felipe and Silas' baptism 
and my new companion, Elder Quabreira

Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010

What do I think of the good news? well what do you think I think of the good news!? I should've thought that you would have to think too hard to know what I think but on the other hand I don't even know what to think anymore! In other words, I'm really really exctited :) Also sorry to break the bad news Nicole, but you're probably right. Just kidding. Glad to know the reunions went well, wish I could've been there but my schedule didnt really allow it. Also glad to know Brent has finally come to his senses and realized what's what. As far as this week, it went really well, we got to baptize a girl we've been working with for like a month named Priscila and she's really awesome. I'll try to send pictures next week but it was a really great baptism. We've also been working with here family and her 3 brothers should get baptized this week, were still working on her dad, and her mom was already baptized when she was 10 but went inactive. Really an awesome family though. Funny story: so we started the baptismal font filling, then went to go get our investigator and when I got back it had overflowed into the bathroom so we mopped it all up and started draining it but it drained too much so I started filling it again and got distracted reading the scriptures and it overflowed again. Anywho it was pretty funny but Im outta time.

Love Elder bangerter

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5, 2010

Hey glad to know you got the pictures this time, I hate for you all to miss out on my ugly face. How goes everything in the Utah, from the updates I've gotten, it seems dad is cutting down the old cherry tree at the moment. I feel as though a piece of my childhood is falling in pieces to the ground. Actually I could care less, but it's glad to hear that you're all hangin out and having a blast, that's how it ought to be.I hope everyone enjoyed independence day but more importantly Crystals bitrthday. Are they still putting on the fireworks for you? My comps Bday was actually on saturday so that was pretty stinkin awesome. Basically, woke up, worked and then slept. It was the Best! Really though, I love working. It's funny because if there's one thing i've learned out here( dont worry there's more than one) it's that satting around just isn't very fun. I was reading in Alma 43 the other day and it says that the sons of alma went out to preach and Alma could not rest so he went out to. I thought it was pretty funny, but it's so true. So you wouldnt believe it but nobody celebrated the fourth of July. I tell you, there's a real lack of patriotism in this generation. Also we got to baptise a man and his son this last week and holy cow they are so golden. His wife was inactive, but she reactivated, they got married and then they got baptized. He's gonna be an awesom member of the church, and he's been teching jujitsu( I know its wrong) classes to the kids in the ward. sorry I'm outta time but love you all, and I love the work!

Love Elder Bangerter

PS sorry I'm slow but for all of you waiting on letters I'm sending them today!

Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010

Hey sorry I dont have alot of time this week to write all the wonderful stories of my life but theres always next time I suppose. It was definitely a good week for sure, we didnt have as much rain so I didn't really have too many adventures but I suppose life is always an adventure. My companion and I are getting along as usual, which means we only get in fist fights every once in a while. Just kidding, but really though he's an awesome missionary! Everyone was trying to make me feel better since the US fell out of the world cup but it's funny because I dont even care. I mean I love America and all, but hey I'm in Brazil, I ought to be a Brazilian right? Thanks for all the pictures mom, it's great to see everything thats going on and it's great to see the baptism too. Gosh missionary work is the best! Well I'm out of time but I love you all thanks for listening. Or reading or whatever.

Love Elder Bangerter

Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010

Wow, what a great week! the work in our area is seriously just awesome and we're being so blessed! we got to baptize all but one of the kids in that one big family and we're still working on the the parents and the oldest daughter but it's really awesome. Then we still have that other awesome family that were just trying to marry but we might have found another good family through their daughter which is awesome! I'm really just very grateful for all the work. It pretty much rains every day now. Well, it's not raining today but I think that's because the Lord knows it's Pday. But anywho, funny story. So the other night I was walking home with my comp as usual and we'd bought these big rubber boots because our area is basically a swamp. maybe that was an exaggeration but it's pretty ridiculous. I mean awesome. Seriously, I feel like a little kid stomping around in his new boots. but ya, back to the story, so we were walking home on the side walk and the water was about a foot deep or so but with my spiffy new boots I was feeling pretty confident to say the least when before I had a chance to say "oh dang" I was chest deep in sewer water. It was hilarious. It was also really disgusting. So ya, I guess it's normal practice in Brazil to put four foot deep holes in the sidewalk but then again maybe I was just a lucky one. We went back and took a picture of the hole after. Oh also we got to hear Neil L Anderson last friday which was pretty awesome as well. He and his wife said some really great things about the mission and I think it was exactly what our mission needed to hear. He did a question answer thing but I was pretty bummed because he stopped before I got a chance to ask one. Oh well, maybe next time. Wow two apostles in like 3 months! pretty neet. well I think thata about all for me but it's great to hear about everything going on back home, I'm glad the house is being well used and I'm glad the party didnt leave the house when I did. Thats also awesome about the baptisms, all you folks better be workin up there too!! Congrats on everyone going off to college, I'm so proud of all you kids growin up like that. It's really such a pleasure to watch the young ones move into the real world ;) Well I think thats all for now but I'll be here if ya need me!
Love Elder Bangerter

P.S. heres's some pictures, sorry i took awhile
1.This is our chapel, it's like the biggest prettiest chapel in Recife

2.just a bit of our area

3.Second to last day with my old comp

4.The awesome family we're teaching that we just need to marry them

5.The hole I fell in

6.Most of the kids in that family

7.Just another cool picture of our chapel

Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14, 2010

"Alright I'm gonna hand things back to Steve on the Weekly Elder Bangerter Report," "Oh thanks Pam, Alright and were back with with WEBR and let me tell you, things are going fantastic over here. You know, I dont think I've ever seen such a fantastic missionary. He's such a hard working, wonderful, diligent, unbelievably unmatchable.." Sorry, I dont really know where that came from, it just kind of happened. But anywho, it's been a pretty fantastic week for certain, Elder Magalhaes and I work really well together and we're getting alot done. To tell the truth, I pretty much have everything going well for me this transfer with a great companion, a great bishop, and a great area. I truly realize this is a blessing and I have to take advantage of it while I have it. The world cup started as I'm sure you all know so it can get kinda crazy around here. about every five minutes somebody sets of a home made bomb or shouts "GOOOAALLL" but it's all good. All the missionaries are bummed that thy dont get to watch it but I figure I've never watched it before so I'll probably live. We get to see Elder Anderson later this week so thats pretty exciting for sure. The mission definitely provides alot of great opportunies that you wouldn't get otherwise. Oh and the other day I finished memorizing all hundred scripture masteries so that was pretty exciting. only 630 scriptures left! Oh congrats to those who graduated, thats more than a little exciting! Well my brain just kinda stopped working so sorry thats all for today but join us next time to hear more about my exciting life!

Love Elder Bangerter

P.S. sorry, cant even think of anything for a P.S.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 9, 2010

Sorry everyone had to wait 2 grueling days for this fine literary work but sometimes lifes just that way so you might as weel just deal with it! But anywho, This week was pretty crazy slash not crazy at all because it was my companions last week in the field (he left today) so there was a lot to do slash we didn't really do a ton. but the best part is that we'rfe working with two families right now and holy cow, I LOVE working with families. I'm seriously being so blessed because it's so fun to teach them. Sorry I forgot my memory card at home so pictures will have to wait for next week but one of the families we got from a reference has three precious little girls and the parents are so smart and its so fun to talk to them about the gospel because they really get it. Then the other family we just found knocking doors and they have seven kids who are a blast to talk to and teach. The only problem will probably be the dad because I dont know if he'll really want the gospel but all the others already said they want to be baptised. I'm so excited for this transfer because I think we'll have a ton of baptisms because of these families and because of my new companion (byetheway my old companion and I ended up being great friends). I still dont know how to say or write his name but its something like margaloesdlskajfh. He's a brzilian that only has 7 months on the mission and I can tell that he's a Really hard worker which is all I could ask for. I really feel like the Lord is blessing me this transfer so i really need to take advantage of it. A cool story, We ate in the house of single elderly sister yesterday who couldn't even read and I was asking her about her conversion story and it was pretty awesome. She said before she ever talked to the missionaries she had a dream that she didn't really understand but when she talked to them and they started teaching her she realized that her dream was all about the restoration and Joseph Smith. Pretty incredible how the Lord gives different people what they need to find the truth. Another cool experience, us and some other elders were giving a blessing to the lady and in the blessing it said that there were angels in the room and then after the blessing she said she saw somebody smiling at her in the corner who wasnt like us. Pretty incredible. I have really had so many faith builders, it's incredible. The Lord knows exactly what I need. Portuguese is coming awesome! The other day I realized that for the past week or so I really havent had those terrible crash and burn days and I can really teach just about anything without problem. I know I still have a ways to go, but honestly it's no longer a burden at all. Glad to know it's hot in Texas, it might actually be a little hotter there than it is here but who knows. At least I was well conditioned for it. Ok now to the crazy stuff. Sarah Ellen Shuck and David(middle name) Murdock are getting married. Holy how. I'm speachless. Or typeless depending on how you look at it. Ok ya so I'll admit it's a little wierd. Or alot. But I suppose I ought to get used to it. Really though, I love you both and I better get an announcement! wow.Glad to know you all had a blast together, send Rocio my love and tell her I'm praying for her and the baby! Joseph and Meaganm your baby is the coolest thing since popped corn. So glad to know he's alright. Dad I can't believ you got Sea horses! Bye the way, how's the aquarium? Mom and dad, make sure you get better right here quick. Well I guess i'd better close mine episle bem rapido mas Eu amo voces e Eu estou sempre grato por minha Familia Otima!

Com Amor

Elder Bangerter

P.S. I know you all think I'm cool now because I finally write something in portuguese. Either that or you're correcting my poor grammar.

P.S.S. I found the COOLEST leather cowboy hat a a market the other day. Everybody was calling me Crocodil Dundee.

Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31, 2010

Well nothing to terribly exciting or intensely exhilarating happened this week so this email probably wont be that long but on the whole it was definitely a good one. We're finding people to teach and we have a ward now that should work with us and help us out. the bishop here is really cool and really young so he just served a mission and really knows what it's all about which helps. It's a little wierd since my companion is like leaving in a week but he's really working hard till the end which is good. The only problem is I'm pretty sure I'll forget everyones names and where they live when he leaves because my memory is so bad. Oh well it'll all work out. The stake had a talent show the other night and one of the groups did Micheal Jacksons Thriller and the Micheal Jackson impersonator was pretty darn amazing I wont lie. He had the hold crowd screaming. It's great to hear the family is getting together and having fun without me. I'm not much fun anyways. I think I have a brain cloud right now so sorry I cant really think of anything clever to say so I'll stop while I'm behind or something like that. But ya, sorry that's all folks.

Elder Bangerter

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25, 2010

So ya lots to say. Thank you everyone so much for your email, it's so great to hear about your lives and feel your support. This was a pretty crazy week I wont lie. So last wednesday was like an awesome day, and I was so happy as I walked home feeling like I was really starting to know and feel comfortable with the area  and then when I got home we found out we got transferred. Truthfully i wasnt really worried about me but more about our progressng investigators but in the end it all worked out because we got special permission from the presidant to stay there until monday so that we could baptize them. Unfortunately one of the baptisms fell through but the other, Reginaldo, was the old guy we've been teaching since the first week here. I already talked about it in a previous email but Ill kind of sum it up again. So we were walking down the street and we passed this old guy with his head in his hands and after a couple seconds, my companion said that we needed to go back and talk to him and as we did I totally couldnt undersatnd him or really realize what was goin on but later I came to understand his rough situation a little better. Every time we came to his house he smiled a little more and in the baptismal interview my district leader said he cried saying that he felt like he should go sit outside and then we walked by and turned back around. I know he is really old and probably only will understand the gospel on it's surface in this life but I know that it has changed his life and it was a pretty powerful testimony of following the spirit. My companion is not perfect but it's neet to see that you dont need to be perfect for the lord to work through you. This has really been a great testimony building week and I'm learning that the most important decision I make each day is the one I make when I get out of bed and decide what kind of day I'm going to have. I have so long to go but I've come so far without question. I cant believe how much I have been missing in the scriptures. Whenever I think about coming home( Oh yeah the other three in my apartment are all about to go home and all speak english. Kinda hard to stay focused sometimes) I just think about the opportunies I have here that I will not when I come home. Thanks for everything! wow that ended up longer than I thought it would. Oh one more think, I hadn't even hear about Jadens mission call but that makes me so happy, I dont know if he left yet but give him a big hug for me!
Elder Matthew Haynie Bangerter I (I think)
P.S. the pictures: The baptism, The goat got a little higher this time, it good to know we all have room for progression, this one's for tim so he better be reading this, and this little girl was flirting with me so I took a picture.

Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010

Well I wont lie it's been a pretty rough week down in Recife. Peanut Butter supplies are running low. We've been forced to eat mere crackers and the apartment reeks of my roommates sardines. The other day I hit my head on the top bunk. My companion never makes me cookies. I know I'm not supposed to complain but I think there is a line to be drawn when I dont even have a spatula to flip my pancakes. I think this week should go a little better though, I found a spatula. Oh and I saw a geo metro so that made me happy too. But really though, it was pretty good week. A few times this week, I tell you what, I rocked at Portuguese. Of course I stunk the next day but hey it's a process. We had a baptism scheduled for yesterday but the guy, Reginaldo got sick so we'll have to postpone it. Hopefully we'll have at least one this week. Something kinda crazy happened yesterday. We brought a guy to church named Louis and he brought his 9 year old son and he was really enjoying it and all but then after church he went to get his kid and nobody could find him. So were all thinking great, his first week at church and we alreasy lost his kid! Anywho we spent like an hour searching but it turns out he just walked like 3 miles home half way through church. Pretty ridiculous. Anywho I'm about out of time but as always, love you all, send pictures and updates, anyone can send me emails just so you know but I can't respond to them. Oh and mom how have things gone with Lefty.
Love Elder Bangerter

Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

Well not a whole lot to talk abobut this week since we had a phone call yesterday but I'll still update everyone else I suppose. This week went really well, we've been working pretty hard and we had our first baptism with a sister named Maria. Her son joined the church and is now on a mission so I'm sure it's an awesome surprise for him. We're still working on gitting some more investigators but I'm sure they'll come. It's amazing how willing people are to let you into thier homes here. In truth when we do knock on doors we almost always get in. My companion is pretty good at talking but still it's a pretty big blessing. LIke one lady at first was like, oh I've alreasy talked to the missionaries, no thanks... but we managed to get it and by the end of the lesson she was like almost helping us teach it to her kids, it was pretty cool. We're also working with an old man Reginaldo who came to church on Sunday. We were walking and we passed him but my companion turned to me and said I think we need to talk to that guy and we turned around and as we started to teach him I really couldnt understand much of what he was saying but he began to cry saying that we were sent from God during this hard time in his life. I'm really trying to look for all the miracles of everyday. We also had a mission conference with an area seventy that was really awesome even though I only understood about half of it. He spoke for like 3 hours straight it was crazy! Oh one other random thing this week, I met a guy named brother Jones who said he knew uncle Jared from a finance class. It's funny how often people see my name and start saying things about my family that I dont even know. It's pretty awesome, and I'm so blessed to have the family that I do. Anywho, love you all and thanks for your support as always!
Love Elder Bangerter

Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010

Well, I've made it through the first week in the field and as far as I can tell I'm not dead yet however I've not had this confirmed. Wow, I don't even know really where to start but it really was a great week. Since it's a new area for both of us, we're still working on gettin more investigators but we've got a few at least and one potential baptism for this weekend for a lady that's been investigating for awhile. I've definitely gotten to be great friends with my companion Elder Martins and I think we'll work very well together. He's a member of only three years like many of the Brazilians, the only one in his family, and he has a very strong testimony of the gospel. I feel like each day gets a little better as I become more comfortable with the area and with the people. I'm doing alright with the language. Which means I basically can't talk to anyone but it's alright, I'm looking forward with faith and know that it will come in time. Actually, sometime I can really understand pretty much everything that's going on but it totally depends on the conversation and who is talking. The accents here are really hard to follow because they speak very quickly, slur their words and use alot of slang, but I try to at least pretend like I know what's going on, smile and say yes. So pretty much nothing has really changed at all. We've been riding buses everywhere and basically the bus drivers think they are riding motorcycles. I cant really think of a more accurate description. The temple president of the Recife Temple had grandpa Bangerter as a Tennis coach at BYU so that was pretty cool as well. As always I'm sure ther's way more to tell but I'm about out of time and my memory is about useless. I'm loving Recife and I'm loving the people, thanks for you prayers and pray for me to find more people to teach.
-Love Elder Bangerter

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28, 2010

Well it's official, I graduated from the CTM and they let me into Recife. The trip was altogether quite uneventful and I arrived entirely free of harm for your peace of mind. I did have one casualty actually, my ipod dissappeared somewhere in transit which I'm pretty bummed about but it turns out you can actually still serve a mission without an ipod. We got there yesterday morning, then they took us to the temple and we met the president and had an intro meeting and such. The president seems really cool and I'm way excited to get to know him better! The Recife temple is absolutely beautiful if you havent seen pictures yet, unfortunately we didn't get to do a session but we will soon I think. We just kinda hung out for a while on temple grounds and slept in the little hotel thing they have there then today was transfers, where I met my new companion. He's a Brazilian that speaks a little english and he is on his last transfer I believe but I'm very excited to be working with him, he seems like a hard worker. He told me to tell my family that I got a handsome companion. unfortunately my area is boa viagem which is like right next to the beach and is apparently the most wealthy area in the mission. Who woulda guessed? But dont worry, I still got a dirty nasty apartment so its all good. I guess we're opening up a new area so my trainer doesn't really know anything either but I'm sure we'll be up and running soon enough. We'll see what the morrow brings. Oh and for future reference, my normal Pday is monday. We got to see Elder Nelson last week which was a pretty neet experience and he had some great things to say about Uncle grant. As he spoke about him and President Faust, I felt very strongly of their love for this people. He really spoke of the focus of the gospel on the atonement and it was very powerful talk. Among the things he said was that the Lord usually uses the unlikely to accomplish his work.It was pretty cool to see him and shake an apostles hand for the first time. Apparently he, Elder Holland, Bishop Edgely, and several others were all down here last week and are probably still here . It's great to hear about everyone and as always I'm praying for you. As far as business is concerned, my area is right next the office so I should get mail fairly quickly here besides just at transfers so that's lucky.  I am allowed to recieve email from friends here, I just cant send them. Mom I was wondering if you could send me some sort of history of Grant's service here in Brazil so I can learn more about him. Anywho I'm sure there's more to tell but I've already written a book so I'll let you go this time. Thanks for everything!

Love Elder Bangerter

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20, 2010

Hey thanks mom for the list, I appreciate it so much. To answer you questions right off the bat, I leave next tuesday and I'll put my new address at the end, I will get the conference liahona so dont worry about it, and the Portuguese is definitely coming along and I can comunicate decently with people on the street so I'm not too worried. I still have a ton to learn but if nothing else, I know how to testify. As far as the letters go I dont really get it, I've given them to the place that's supposed to send them but oh well. I still dont really get how that program works, but maybe you could research a bit and figure it out. I also think you can send packages really fast with it well. If there is any way you cuold just get Katy's and Stephanie's addresses that would be great! That is crazy news about uncle Grant, I'm sure there will be alot of sad people here, my branch president and several others had him as thier president and I can't waith to get to know him better on the other side. That is so awesome about James' internship, that's such a blessing, I'm sure your glad to have them back this summer! Looks like the internships are really working out this summer. Glad to hear about the blessings in you lives. I don't know if you said you were gonna send a letter wityh pictures a couple weeks ago but I never got them if you did. Anywho, as far as things here are concerned, we're pretty excited because we get to hear Russell M Nelson this week for a devotional so I definitely can't wait. I'm also singing prayer of the children with a quartet for the sunday devotional so I'm pretty excited about that as well. I dont know if I told you but I also played the violin for a devotional a few weeks ago. I'm not really sure why they keep letting me get up there? We went proselyting again last Friday and it was pretty awesome. I'll just start from the beginning. so first as the van was backing out of the CTM a car flew by and missed it by like a foot with me sitting in the back seat. Then on the way there we almost ran into a car in front of us. Then we did run into the car in front of us. Then the van driver just kept going. Then we got there and as soon as we started proselyting a drunk man ran up and wanted very badly to talk to us. Or rather he wanted to wave his arms around and mumble at us. then we got stuck in a 30 min conversation with a Jehovas Witness. Then we actually got to teach some people so that was good. We were only able to give out 4 books this time because of time constraints but one of them was really awesome and after we left the other elders saw him reading it like crazy and asked him if he liked it and he told them how much he loved it. Then on the way back to the van a crazy man started chasing my companion and he just started running. It was pretty hilarious. Anywho we're all alive but I'm outa time, love you all           Elder Bangerter

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13, 2010

Recife Brazil Temple
Last week was pretty awesome, I finally got some mail woo!!! Not that I was waiting. anyways ya our branch president, President Van Orman, gave the devotional last Tuesday and it was extremely powerful. Among the things he said was "all missionaries give some, but only some missionaries give all." I've been trying really hard to be that "some" and I'm amazed at how increasingly long my list of things to pray for is becoming. President Van Orman also gave me a blessing on Sunday and I am again remeinded of the power of the priesthood. I can slowly feel the Lord humbling me and I tell you what, I need it! Along with my goal to memorize a scripture every day, I have now taken on the new challenge of translating the entire Book of Mormon into English. Well see how well I can juggle everything considering all there is to study but I really feel like it will help me. I've done about 2 pages :). I'm not sure on the Ensign mom, I'll try to find out so ask me again next week if you could. Thanks for forwarding those emails I really appreciate it a ton. That's so awesome about Lefty dad, I'll definitely be praying for you and him. I'd love to hear how it's going. That's way cool about Ben and Whitney, I'm so jealous, where did they go? It's about time they got out and did something fun like that! As always my companionship is still runnin strong, gettin along(no ryhme initially intended), and gettin better at teaching. I still have a long way to go but I really dont use notes when I teach anymore. Need less to say, I keep it quite simple. But it's fun to be able to do it nontheless. Only two weeks and I'm out of this stinkin place! Just kidding. But really though. Anyways, I'll be praying for you, make sure you pray for me!         -Love Elder Bangerter

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6, 2010

Hy fam and friends and such, this last week was pretty awesome, what with conference and all. All of the talks really made me appreciate how much my family means to me. Also, one of my favortie quotes was "the saddest words of tongue and pen, are those who say, it might have been." That really hit me hard and made me realize how much I have to take advantage of every minute. I also thought of you a ton mom as mothers were talked about so much. There is no equal for what you and Dad have given me. We also got to go proselyting for the first time last friday what was pretty awesome. It was a holiday so the streets were pretty much deserted but we still managed to place 12 Copies ofs thes Books Ofs Mormons. It was an awesome experience, and despite our broken Portuguese, we could really feel the spirit as we testified of it's truth. I look forward to going out again in a couple weeks. Only 3 left, then its gonna be easy sailing from there! Can't wait to sit back and relax finally. Good luck with the Cheneys, I'm slowly learning through prayer to be more humble myself. It's not easy. It's so great to hear about everyones lives, I wish I had time to respond individually but Adam that's so awesome about the internship, I know you'll do great and have lot's of important experiences with that. James and Nicole, good luck finishing up, I'll be praying for you as weel as for all others finishing up the semester. Crystal and Steven, good luck with that little guy and with finishing up school. Ben and Whitney, so glad to hear the business is getting up off of it's feet, I'll be praying for you as well. I think of all of you often, and wonder about the many experiences you had on your missions. It's so wonderful to finally share this piece of life with you, and now that I know what it's all about, I can't wait to talk about it when I get home. Mom, yeah I chose that scripture but I found a better one. It's 2nd Nephi 28:24. That should keep everyone on their feet. Something cool, for those of you who know Danny Gessel (dont know how to spell it, he got here on wednesday and when he saw me he ran up and gave me a big hug, it was pretty awesome. We've been eating together and such so that's pretty fun. Well love you all and thanks for everything!                -Elder Bangerter

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30, 2010

One week wiser and older too. Well, I guess that's debatable. The end of this week marks half way at the MTC, and you might say I'm pretty anxious to get out of this place and start sharing the gospel with my Brazilian borthers and sisters. That is until I go outside and look like a fool. Actually this week wasn't bad, it was actually rather uneventful. Basically I just got some cookies and that was it. As far as the learning is going, I'm can pretty weel understand like 60 to 70 percent of what I hear and I can actually formulate sentences now. My goal is to be able to give the whole first lesson in Portuguese by next week so we'll see how that goes. My companion did it so there's hope. Just a cool story from the week, One of the Brazilian sister missionaries that I was practicing my first lesson with told me about her conversion story. It was pretty incredible, she didn't have any friends in the church or anything but she had a dream about the church and she sought it out herself. I can already feel the increadible faith of the people here and it's pretty amazing. Well times short but, for all those dying to send me letters I'll put my address. Elder Matthew Bangerter,Missao Brazil Recife, Rua Padre Antonio d'Angelo, 121, Casa Verde, Sao Paulo-SP, 02516-040. Look forward to the overflowing mail box!      - love Elder Bangster( that's what my teacher called me.

It's been a really great week with tons of new learning experiences for sure! We now have three Brazilian roommates which is pretty awesome for obvious reasons. It's so much easier to practice the language when it's in your face. I'm still working on doing the whole first lesson in Portuguese but I'm really so much closer now than I was last week. I'm really getting to the point where I can formulate sentences in my head without memorizing them which is pretty fun I do say so myself. I know the Lord will help me with the language if I do my part. Funny quote of the week from my little brazilian sister teacher who speaks very little english"Elder Begeder, if you go home, I will kill you!" Pretty funny. That is so stinkin awesome about Doug, I'd love to see the announcement sometime. Give them my best, I wish I could be there and I've gotta hear the proposal story, I expect nothing but the best! I did get the pictures, thanks so much. The car looks so awesome, I hope you enjoy it, I'm glad you can have a car thats fun for you. Thanks also to Crystal, those pictures of Brent are awesome, I miss that kid to death. Also that's so cool about Brent talking.I look forward to the pictures you are sending. As far as the scripture goes, sorry I forgot last week, I ran out of time. I was thinking Hebrews 13:1 would be a good one. The food here is pretty good most days. I've learned to just mix it all together. Luckily I've finally hit a wall and my weight is no longer climbing at catastrophic speeds. Something cool for James, I met an Elder hear who knew you in Manaus. Not as a missionary but just as a member. His name is Rafael Azeudo Anrade, and he is way cool! Also I learned the other pen flick so don't worry my time as a missionary has been extremely productuive! This week for the devotional, we watched a talk given by Elder Holland a few weeks ago that was pretty incredible. His main point was that we must never step away from the discipleship that we pledge ourselves to here. I wish i could talk about the whole thing but if you can find it somewhere he gave it in the Provo MTC last year. As always, I love to hear from everyone and thanks for everything!                                     -Elder BaNgErTeR