Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2010

Well. It was a pretty good week. I'm not remembering too many details. But I guess some good stuff happened. Last Pday we went to the center of the city and I spent lots of money so that was pretty fun.I got some pretty good stuff though. We go a free hammock from an investigator the other day so in order to increase missionary focus, moral, and productivity we decided that it was pretty important to put it up in the apartment. we tried to find the little wall hook deals but they were pretty expensive so we had to go through a trial and error creative process to figure it out. Luckily we managed. As far as the work goes, it was good this week, but we didnt have too many at church this time unfortunately. You cant win'm all I suppose. We do have a baptism marked this week for Rodrigo though, an 18 year old withsome friends in the church. I'm hoping it goes through and that we can help the rest of our investigators progress towards baptism. This area has been a little rough, but I've been learning a lot and I'm hoping it gets better. Our president is having us all read the Miracle of Forgiveness which is really cool. I'm learning about all kinds of sins and such. Luckily, I'm reading it in portuguese so I dont know what a third of them are. I think that counts as an excuse. Really though, its a pretty awesome book and I'm learning what it means to become better.  I'm glad to hear that things are progressing alright with the babies and cant wait to not be able to see them! Glad to know that you and dad are finding time to have fun, keep it up. Also, tell Aunt Becky that I love her too and thanks for the message. I would like to ask one thing. It's a little hard for me to keep track of so many dates and such so if you could let me know when all of my friend/cousin missionaries are going into the MTC/ went into the MTC since I've been out and just kind of a general update in the missionary situatuation including whose sending papers, whose waiting for a call, contact info etc. Actually, if any of you are reading this, you could just send me an email yourselves telling me whats up, that would be ideal. Well I think that about raps it up for Elder Bangerter, so until next time.

Love Elder Bangerter

P.S. Elder Wagoner told me something cool that you probably need to try. He said that if you iron deficient and you pass a gold ring on your face (at least 14 k)it like leaves a mark for a second. I figured you might think that was cool.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year

Well... I saw some monkeys at the park today. Unfortunately that's really about all that comes to mind and the moment about my life. As far as the work, we're just kinda pluggin along down here, we made a goal this week to make it the most obedient week of our missions, so we'll see how that goes. I havent thought of the prize if we do good yet but I suppose you dont really need one. Oh ya I remembered something!. So on like tuesday I woke up and when I looked in the mirror I saw this huge lump on my forehead. I sat trying to think if I'd hit my head on something the day before but nothing came to mind. I even asked my companion if he'd punched me without me noticing but he denied it (ya right). Anyways the next day it was till there so I decided it would probably be good to go the the hospital just to be safe. The climax of the story is, I got to go in the cool donut xray think to get a monagram of my head and I get the pictures next week. You might say I'm pretty exctied about that. Oh also, they found out it was just and infection so dont worry. They gave me medications and it's basically gone right now but it was pretty funny because instead of just staying in the same place, the bumb decided to start moving, so before it left it made it's way down inbetween my eyes and I looked EXACTLY like Avatar for 2 days. Everyone make fun of me. It was hilarious. Unfortunately I couldnt get ahold of any blue paint and it's already gone now but all in all it was a good experience I would say. And I get the X rays tomorrow :) So, sorry that's about all I got this week, I love ya all and hope you have a good one!!!! Oh also I'm pretty excited, my birthday is on Pday next week. Ok it's over now.

ELder Bangerter

Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2010

So today was transfers..... and I stayed!!!!! This is the first time I've ever stayed with the same companion for 2 transfers which is cool. Also, this is his last so I'll probably end up staying two more transfers which equals a whole lot of time. I'm glad though, I like the area and I like my comp so I got nothin to complain about. as far as the week went, it was pretty good until the newyears weekend. As Brazilians tend to do, they continued the party for a few days. It was actually pretty funny, on Saturday we were walking around in our area and we passed this lady who standing in front of her house dancing during the morning hours, then we passed like at night and she was still there standing in the exact same position, doing the exact same dance. I thought it to be quite humorous. As far as our new years festivities, we bought some sparkling cider, missed midnight but shot off the bottle caps anyways as if it were midnight. Then we were drinking them and I started laughing and threw up all over the floor so that was pretty exhilarating. I dont know if you wanted to hear about that... My comp was like ´´what did I tell you!`` and I was like ´´you said not for to drink the drink,´´ and he was like ´´what did you do!`` and I was like ´´I drinked it.`` and he was like ´´why did you do that!`` and then I was like ´´ I dont Knooowww!!!`` It´s the BRAIIIN DAMAGE!! All elders have brain damage. Anywho, I've been planning to schedule out a time to sit down and make some goals of when I'll stop and make some new years resolutions but I havent gotten around to it yet. Maybe I'll get to it near the end of the year. But yea, I hope everyone had a great new years and such and that you'll all take advantage of 2011 since it's the last year before the end of the world I love you all and had a blast talking to you on the phone!

Love retregnaB redlE
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