Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 27, 2010

My goodness, reading that email made me really excited. TIM WHERE ARE YOU GOING!!!!!!!!! I feel like a little girl about to watch a barbie movie. Also John, and Dillan you are the mans and averyone else preparing for the mission. I'm really goin crazy thinking about the army that will be leaving from our ward soon. It's also so cool that you to can work together on the missionary committee, it's almost like a senior couple mission. Also cool to hear the miracles of the wedding, glad to know it all went well. Also, I'm basically excited out of my mind for general conference, I've got a good feeling about this one :) As far as stuff thats happened with me since friday, pretty much not too much. We did have an activity at the church on saturday night which was pretty wild. We were trying to teach missionary and gospel principles with exciting competitions like getting the candy out of the bowl of flour with just your face( find people to teach), Fill up the water bottle with cups hidden around the church (fill your scriptural knowledge) , Tug of war (hold to the rod) and so on and so forth. I swear, every detail was perfectly planned and thought out by an incredibly intelligent group of missionaries but it was basically a reproduction of the civil war within the church. Luckily the Lord judges us based on the intents of our hearts. Other than that I cant think of a ton that happened. Love you all and keep up the good work!
Elder Bangerter

Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 24, 2010

Hey sorry last week's email was a little lacking and this weeks is a little late, it's because we went to the temple today. It was awesome but that goes without saying. First items of business, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!, hope you're havin a great one, make sure you eat lots of cake. What are you at like 500 years by now? I'm in absolute unbelief that dan is almost home. Wait...ya, no I still dont believe it at all but oh well. watch out HIghland Village ward! Oh ya, I heard the bishoprick changed as well, Let Bishop Merrill know how much I appreciated his service and all that he did for me and our ward and our quorum and also send my support to the new Bishoprick! as far as news from here, everything is going well, my companion from the Provo MTC finally got here yesterday, pretty crazy! The other day I decided I ought to practice praying in english again but I kinda had to force the words out. I dont know if we ought to be worried or excited. Thanks for the message from Katy, tell her she's the greatest convert I've ever had in my life so she'd better stay strong and happy! Also glad to hear about the Noeltes, that's awesome! One more time, happy birthday dad, love ya tons and hope you're havin a great day! Oh, one more request for everyone reading this email. Ward activities and family nights and such really help out the work down here so if you could all suppliment my lack of creativity with some good group activities just send me an email. thanks, you're the bests!
Love Elder Bangerter

Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 13, 2010

Hey so I have approximately zero seconds to email today but I figured I ought to let you know I'm alive and well. It was a fairly good week with weather in the high 70s. I think we'll be looking at some thunderstorms in the coming days keep tuned in. Just kidding, I dont know where that came from but ya I really actually dont have any time. Love you all, have fun and stay safe. COngrats Adam your older, now we just need to work on the wiser part!
LOve Elde Bangerter

Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6, 2010

SARAH'S MARRIED, JOHN GOT HIS MISSION CALL, LIZ GOT HER MISSION CALL, GRAY GOT HIS MISSION CALL, MY MOM'S FIFTY, BEN'S THIRTY, I GOT TRANSFERRED, LOTS OF OTHER BIG NEWS THAT I DONT EVEN KNOW ABOUT!!!! How about every body just slows down alright? Like really, I'm starting think that you've all forgotten that you cant do things while I'm gone. What happened to respect in this world anyways? Oh well. But hey thoug, congrats on everyones calls, holy cow i get so excited knowing you guys will get to do what I'm doing! Like sewiously guys, its the best (Homestar voice). sorry, stupid reference. But ya, I really am so glad that you guys get the opportunity to serve to and I'm excited to hear the others as they come.  Congrats Ben on 30 this week. I would would say your like a grandpa now but then I'd be telling the truth... Also, Sarah Ellen Shuck, congradustinklations, so bummed I had to miss it! Anyyways, as far as me, I got transferred again to JORDÃO ALTO  if you believe it. My new companion is Elder Corrêa dos Santos and he's the man. Because hes my companion. This area has been struggling for a while so we're gonna see if we can improve the situation a little bit. I'm sure the Lord will help if we give 100 percent. My last Pday in Boa Viagem was pretty awesome because the first man we baptised(Reginaldo) had been in the hospital for a long time so I never got to see him when I came back but he returned right before I left the area and it was so great to see his face light up when we came to visit him. He had the picture of the baptism still on the wall and it was great to see how he was doing and see him one more time before I left. Wish I had more time to catch up on stuff but you know how it is. Also sorry I didnt get to write last week. I'm finally getting some pictures to you as well.

LOve Elder Bangerter

1. So sometimes when you forget a normal shirt you just have to make the best of things.

2.  My friend made this tshirt, I thought it was pretty funny

3. Just to make you think I'm in the jungle

4. When we went to visit Reginaldo again