Monday, November 8, 2010

Another day of white( we hope)

Well we've been working with a that couple that I mentioned a few weeks ago that he is an inactive and she wanted to get baptized but the marriage didn't go through so we started to work more with him to bring him back to church. The whole time it had been kinda up and down but the other day we were walking to their house when my companion said ( Have you already imagined if we got there and they were separating?) As soon as we knocked, he came to the door to inform us that her family was there to pick her up and that it just wasn't going to work out. We left absolutely devastated but the next day he saw us on the street and told us to pass by because they hadn't separated. We were blown away. Anywho we went there on saturday to try and remark the marriage. I dont think I've ever had a more powerful lesson. It was fight after fight,and one attacking the other until at the end we challenged them to truly humble themselves and repent to let the Lord change thier lives and that if they didnt they would not find happiness. It was truly a powerful experience and I felt the spirit working through us. We managed to remark the marriage and we're praying that they go through with it. It is an experience a little hard to describe in full but it is definitely one that i wont forget. Overall, things are going well in my part of the nieghborhood and I'm lovin life. I've said before, and if I'm reading the weather signals right I do believe I'll say it again, being a missionary is the best!
Elder Bangerter

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