Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14, 2010

"Alright I'm gonna hand things back to Steve on the Weekly Elder Bangerter Report," "Oh thanks Pam, Alright and were back with with WEBR and let me tell you, things are going fantastic over here. You know, I dont think I've ever seen such a fantastic missionary. He's such a hard working, wonderful, diligent, unbelievably unmatchable.." Sorry, I dont really know where that came from, it just kind of happened. But anywho, it's been a pretty fantastic week for certain, Elder Magalhaes and I work really well together and we're getting alot done. To tell the truth, I pretty much have everything going well for me this transfer with a great companion, a great bishop, and a great area. I truly realize this is a blessing and I have to take advantage of it while I have it. The world cup started as I'm sure you all know so it can get kinda crazy around here. about every five minutes somebody sets of a home made bomb or shouts "GOOOAALLL" but it's all good. All the missionaries are bummed that thy dont get to watch it but I figure I've never watched it before so I'll probably live. We get to see Elder Anderson later this week so thats pretty exciting for sure. The mission definitely provides alot of great opportunies that you wouldn't get otherwise. Oh and the other day I finished memorizing all hundred scripture masteries so that was pretty exciting. only 630 scriptures left! Oh congrats to those who graduated, thats more than a little exciting! Well my brain just kinda stopped working so sorry thats all for today but join us next time to hear more about my exciting life!

Love Elder Bangerter

P.S. sorry, cant even think of anything for a P.S.

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