Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25, 2010

So ya lots to say. Thank you everyone so much for your email, it's so great to hear about your lives and feel your support. This was a pretty crazy week I wont lie. So last wednesday was like an awesome day, and I was so happy as I walked home feeling like I was really starting to know and feel comfortable with the area  and then when I got home we found out we got transferred. Truthfully i wasnt really worried about me but more about our progressng investigators but in the end it all worked out because we got special permission from the presidant to stay there until monday so that we could baptize them. Unfortunately one of the baptisms fell through but the other, Reginaldo, was the old guy we've been teaching since the first week here. I already talked about it in a previous email but Ill kind of sum it up again. So we were walking down the street and we passed this old guy with his head in his hands and after a couple seconds, my companion said that we needed to go back and talk to him and as we did I totally couldnt undersatnd him or really realize what was goin on but later I came to understand his rough situation a little better. Every time we came to his house he smiled a little more and in the baptismal interview my district leader said he cried saying that he felt like he should go sit outside and then we walked by and turned back around. I know he is really old and probably only will understand the gospel on it's surface in this life but I know that it has changed his life and it was a pretty powerful testimony of following the spirit. My companion is not perfect but it's neet to see that you dont need to be perfect for the lord to work through you. This has really been a great testimony building week and I'm learning that the most important decision I make each day is the one I make when I get out of bed and decide what kind of day I'm going to have. I have so long to go but I've come so far without question. I cant believe how much I have been missing in the scriptures. Whenever I think about coming home( Oh yeah the other three in my apartment are all about to go home and all speak english. Kinda hard to stay focused sometimes) I just think about the opportunies I have here that I will not when I come home. Thanks for everything! wow that ended up longer than I thought it would. Oh one more think, I hadn't even hear about Jadens mission call but that makes me so happy, I dont know if he left yet but give him a big hug for me!
Elder Matthew Haynie Bangerter I (I think)
P.S. the pictures: The baptism, The goat got a little higher this time, it good to know we all have room for progression, this one's for tim so he better be reading this, and this little girl was flirting with me so I took a picture.

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