Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

Well not a whole lot to talk abobut this week since we had a phone call yesterday but I'll still update everyone else I suppose. This week went really well, we've been working pretty hard and we had our first baptism with a sister named Maria. Her son joined the church and is now on a mission so I'm sure it's an awesome surprise for him. We're still working on gitting some more investigators but I'm sure they'll come. It's amazing how willing people are to let you into thier homes here. In truth when we do knock on doors we almost always get in. My companion is pretty good at talking but still it's a pretty big blessing. LIke one lady at first was like, oh I've alreasy talked to the missionaries, no thanks... but we managed to get it and by the end of the lesson she was like almost helping us teach it to her kids, it was pretty cool. We're also working with an old man Reginaldo who came to church on Sunday. We were walking and we passed him but my companion turned to me and said I think we need to talk to that guy and we turned around and as we started to teach him I really couldnt understand much of what he was saying but he began to cry saying that we were sent from God during this hard time in his life. I'm really trying to look for all the miracles of everyday. We also had a mission conference with an area seventy that was really awesome even though I only understood about half of it. He spoke for like 3 hours straight it was crazy! Oh one other random thing this week, I met a guy named brother Jones who said he knew uncle Jared from a finance class. It's funny how often people see my name and start saying things about my family that I dont even know. It's pretty awesome, and I'm so blessed to have the family that I do. Anywho, love you all and thanks for your support as always!
Love Elder Bangerter

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