Monday, October 11, 2010

Same town with a new face in the crowd

So we had transfers today if you believe or not. I know you probably dont. Anywho, My good friend, Elder Corrêa was transfered afer 4 or 5 months here and I recieved Elder Santana who has four months on the mission. I'm very extremely much excited to work with him, he seems like a good hard worker and we should have alot of success this transfer. Last transfer we didnt have alot of visible results but we prepared alot for this transfer and we should start having some good stuff here soon. We're planning a marriage for mext week of and awesome couple, of which the husband is returning from inactivity. we also marked the baptism of a man who will marry one of the sisters in our ward so I'm glad to be working with families now. The area next to me closed so I'll be working in two areas now as well. Probably the best news of the day is that we cleaned the house today and it's AMAZING! Lets just say I should've taken before and after pictures because it's basically a different house now. It helps that we only have two people now. Other than than nothing to extremely or terribly exciting happened this week. I will say however that I am very upset at those individuals who went skydiving WITHOUT ME! I'd like to see you all in my office after my mission to explain your disbehavior. And just when I was beggining to believe you could trust the people in this world. But ya, life is extraordinary, thanks for you're love and support, I'll need your prayers to help with the little extra load. Love you all!
Love Elder Bangerter

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