Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31, 2010

Well nothing to terribly exciting or intensely exhilarating happened this week so this email probably wont be that long but on the whole it was definitely a good one. We're finding people to teach and we have a ward now that should work with us and help us out. the bishop here is really cool and really young so he just served a mission and really knows what it's all about which helps. It's a little wierd since my companion is like leaving in a week but he's really working hard till the end which is good. The only problem is I'm pretty sure I'll forget everyones names and where they live when he leaves because my memory is so bad. Oh well it'll all work out. The stake had a talent show the other night and one of the groups did Micheal Jacksons Thriller and the Micheal Jackson impersonator was pretty darn amazing I wont lie. He had the hold crowd screaming. It's great to hear the family is getting together and having fun without me. I'm not much fun anyways. I think I have a brain cloud right now so sorry I cant really think of anything clever to say so I'll stop while I'm behind or something like that. But ya, sorry that's all folks.

Elder Bangerter

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