Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20, 2010

Hey thanks mom for the list, I appreciate it so much. To answer you questions right off the bat, I leave next tuesday and I'll put my new address at the end, I will get the conference liahona so dont worry about it, and the Portuguese is definitely coming along and I can comunicate decently with people on the street so I'm not too worried. I still have a ton to learn but if nothing else, I know how to testify. As far as the letters go I dont really get it, I've given them to the place that's supposed to send them but oh well. I still dont really get how that program works, but maybe you could research a bit and figure it out. I also think you can send packages really fast with it well. If there is any way you cuold just get Katy's and Stephanie's addresses that would be great! That is crazy news about uncle Grant, I'm sure there will be alot of sad people here, my branch president and several others had him as thier president and I can't waith to get to know him better on the other side. That is so awesome about James' internship, that's such a blessing, I'm sure your glad to have them back this summer! Looks like the internships are really working out this summer. Glad to hear about the blessings in you lives. I don't know if you said you were gonna send a letter wityh pictures a couple weeks ago but I never got them if you did. Anywho, as far as things here are concerned, we're pretty excited because we get to hear Russell M Nelson this week for a devotional so I definitely can't wait. I'm also singing prayer of the children with a quartet for the sunday devotional so I'm pretty excited about that as well. I dont know if I told you but I also played the violin for a devotional a few weeks ago. I'm not really sure why they keep letting me get up there? We went proselyting again last Friday and it was pretty awesome. I'll just start from the beginning. so first as the van was backing out of the CTM a car flew by and missed it by like a foot with me sitting in the back seat. Then on the way there we almost ran into a car in front of us. Then we did run into the car in front of us. Then the van driver just kept going. Then we got there and as soon as we started proselyting a drunk man ran up and wanted very badly to talk to us. Or rather he wanted to wave his arms around and mumble at us. then we got stuck in a 30 min conversation with a Jehovas Witness. Then we actually got to teach some people so that was good. We were only able to give out 4 books this time because of time constraints but one of them was really awesome and after we left the other elders saw him reading it like crazy and asked him if he liked it and he told them how much he loved it. Then on the way back to the van a crazy man started chasing my companion and he just started running. It was pretty hilarious. Anywho we're all alive but I'm outa time, love you all           Elder Bangerter

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