Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010

Well it's another wonderful Pday in the wonderful Boa Viagem and I just got my hair cut nice and short so I'm lookin pretty sharp. Not that anyone cares, but its been a pretty productive day already, I started my laundry, cleaned the sticky nastiness off the kitchen floor, gave my suit to the drycleaners, cut my hair, ate some finely cooked eggs and now I'm writing a wonderfully interesting email to my family. This week was pretty good, a little rough since we're having to reopen the area but yesterday we found some families that were reammy excited when we taught them so I've got a felling this is gonna be an awesome transfer! Maria, our first baptism is absolutely awesome and helping us a ton with the work which is a real blessing. My companion is awesome. he's kind of a goober, I love it. Well sorry there's not a ton to report this week but hey you just ought to be grateful for what you get. It's great to hear about the baptismcoming up, keep up the good work and I'll be praying for the work at home. Also glad to hear the family is still getting along without too much problem :) Sorry about wht happened with the tree Dad, I hope you're doing alright and of course you and everyone are in my prayers! Sorry I'm a slacker this week but I'll probably have some pictures next week.

Love Elder Bangerter

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