Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010

Wow, what a great week! the work in our area is seriously just awesome and we're being so blessed! we got to baptize all but one of the kids in that one big family and we're still working on the the parents and the oldest daughter but it's really awesome. Then we still have that other awesome family that were just trying to marry but we might have found another good family through their daughter which is awesome! I'm really just very grateful for all the work. It pretty much rains every day now. Well, it's not raining today but I think that's because the Lord knows it's Pday. But anywho, funny story. So the other night I was walking home with my comp as usual and we'd bought these big rubber boots because our area is basically a swamp. maybe that was an exaggeration but it's pretty ridiculous. I mean awesome. Seriously, I feel like a little kid stomping around in his new boots. but ya, back to the story, so we were walking home on the side walk and the water was about a foot deep or so but with my spiffy new boots I was feeling pretty confident to say the least when before I had a chance to say "oh dang" I was chest deep in sewer water. It was hilarious. It was also really disgusting. So ya, I guess it's normal practice in Brazil to put four foot deep holes in the sidewalk but then again maybe I was just a lucky one. We went back and took a picture of the hole after. Oh also we got to hear Neil L Anderson last friday which was pretty awesome as well. He and his wife said some really great things about the mission and I think it was exactly what our mission needed to hear. He did a question answer thing but I was pretty bummed because he stopped before I got a chance to ask one. Oh well, maybe next time. Wow two apostles in like 3 months! pretty neet. well I think thata about all for me but it's great to hear about everything going on back home, I'm glad the house is being well used and I'm glad the party didnt leave the house when I did. Thats also awesome about the baptisms, all you folks better be workin up there too!! Congrats on everyone going off to college, I'm so proud of all you kids growin up like that. It's really such a pleasure to watch the young ones move into the real world ;) Well I think thats all for now but I'll be here if ya need me!
Love Elder Bangerter

P.S. heres's some pictures, sorry i took awhile
1.This is our chapel, it's like the biggest prettiest chapel in Recife

2.just a bit of our area

3.Second to last day with my old comp

4.The awesome family we're teaching that we just need to marry them

5.The hole I fell in

6.Most of the kids in that family

7.Just another cool picture of our chapel

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