Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23, 2010

Well life goes on as normal. Not a ton to report but it was definitly a good week as always. There is a drunk guy who always speaks english with me so thats pretty fun. Also, I am very much addicted to AcaĆ­ and will probably die if I dont find it when I get home. We had kind of a surprise baptism because there was a lady atending another ward who actually would belong to our ward but the missionaries there were teaching her. Anyways, we still got to teach her a little but and we helped her overcome her fear of baptism(she was really scared) and the baptism was awesome. She already has a son who was baptised as well. Also, while we were at her house, her mother was there and she siad that she had been having really terrible nightmares. We gave her a blessing and at the baptism she repoted that they had ceased. It's pretty cool to have the opportuity to use the priesthood on a regular basis. Also kind of random, but lately I've been studying the history of the church and it's pretty incredible to read all of the accounts of faith that they displayed in times of trial. It amazes me how easy we have it and yet we still complain. I'm definitely grateful for our awesome heritage! As always, I'm loving being Elder Bangerter, and I'm not at all anxious to take off my nametag. KInda crazy that tomorrow makes 6 months. I'm no longer a Greenieee!!! As if I was ever a greenie! Anywho, love you all,chow!
Elder Bangerter, the incredibly dashing

Monday, August 16, 2010

August 16, 2010

My goodness I have such old parents! Just kidding. But really though, congrats on 31 awesome years, you ought to be proud of raising the best family on this planet Earth. Also glad you all had a great summer together and glad to hear that Nicole is doing a little better. I'm so happy to hear all about Sarah and everything that's going on in her life. I'm sad to have to miss it all but it's so awesome to know that she's happy. I've been thinking about how I'm going to make a book with all the baptisms here on the mission with a picture and a story but I think Sarah and Katy with be at the front. I'll never forget those baptisms. In fact, I think Sarahs baptism was my second journal entry. Give her a big hug for me! Good luck everyone who is returning to school for the Fall. Also, sister Leonard, thanks for the email it was awesome, I have my two family pictures up on the wall where i study. I can't believe Dan is already coming to an end and I'm just beginning, it's ridiculous. Also Davids going to college holy cow! As far as my week, it was really great, we found and awesome kid thats 18 years ols named Cristiano. We taught him the first lesson, gave him a BOM and the next day he said when we went to get him for church, he was all dressed with everything including a tie clasp. I asked him if he read and prayed and he paused a minute, pointed to the BOM and said in a very sincere voice "this book is true". It was really awesome. thanks everyone, I love you all

Elder Bangerter

Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010

Time is short but it's great to hear about everything that's going on and share at least a little of everyone's lives. This was a pretty darn good week, and we definitely worked a  lot which always feels really good. It's just so satisfying. The cool news of the week is that we're teaching a professional soccer player from the Pernambuco team, SPORT, (I know pretty creative name right). His wife is already a member and she called asking if we could teach him so thats awesome. In our first visit he told us about how he really wanted to learn more about the church because he wants to be sealed with his wife in the temple. It's pretty neat to see his determination and also his humility. You can really tell he wants to be better. I'm glad you had a fun fathers day at Ben and Whitneys, I dont know what this ridiculousness is being able to call on mothers day but not Fathers day. Oh well. That's also awesome that you got to see Parley P Pratts grave, I have been reading in his autobiography and his faith is truly incredible. He knew exactly what he would face and he still went forward without question. His story has truly grown my faith. I hope you all have a great week, love you all!.
Elder Bangerter
Oh, also I might have recieved a package from alice in case she was wondering.

Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2, 2010

So today, I ventured into the depths of the bottom of the refrigerator and defeated the moldy melon monsters and their minions. It was quite the experience and I can truly say I wouldnt be the man I am today without it. So, It's kinda crazy that I'm already almost a fourth of the way into my mission. I'm running out of time! It was a pretty normal week though. We walked alot so that was probably the best part. We're still working on getting more really firm investigators but everythings going well and the ward is helping so thats really awesome. We did have a baptism of one of the investigators of the previous missionaries so we didnt really get to teach her much but we can still work with the rest of her family and it was really awesome baptism. Her dad and brother were already baptized so her brother baptized her which is always better. Now we just have to work with her mom and her husband. It was really cool though because we combined with the other ward's baptism and their bishop told his conversion story which was pretty awesome. He said that one day it occured to him that if there was a book recorded by the people in Jerusalem about the works of God, Maybe there ought to be a similar book recorded in the Americas. He said he asked one of his friend about it but he called him ridiculous but that he prayed to know if such a book existed and a few weeks later the missionaries showed up on his doorstep. It was definitely a powerful testimony of the Lords hand in everything. Oh also, one funny story. So we were trying to get into the chapel but the keys werent working so my companion was climbing over the fence and ripped his pants. It was pretty funny. Also, a language update: I think things are coming along quite well because I'm messing up in English now so I guess that means I'm a pro now. Either that or I just stink at both languages.  Anywho I'm outta time but it's great to hear about whats going on with everyone and I'll be praying for Nicole. Thats pretty crazy about the Prius, why buy one when you can buy two for twice the price! Oh also I hear that you got a sea horse awhile ago, I wanna picture. Love you all, have a great week!
Elder Bangerter
oh also, how is dads leg?
Oh and the pictures
1. I just couldnt resist

2. just wanted to let you know hes still hangin around

3.The baptism this weekend

4.Heres from when Elder Anderson came