Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010

Well it's been a pretty normal week. So basically it's been quite fantastic. The work is going really well, and we got some great investigators from the other area that closed. One is yet another couple with an inactive man and his wife who were set to be married and her baptized but they had abig fight two day before and it was canceled. This week however, we've really been trying to focus on the man, Junior, to address his problems and help him to return to activity. He was baptized at just ten years old and brought almost his whole family into the church but then went inactive. He made some very poor choices and the first time I talked to him a week ago he was having trouble believing in God and felt like there was no happiness in this life. We could have just left him, thinking that he didnt want anything and that he was lost but we testified and taught him as well as we could and every time we go there he pays more attention to what we say. We always mark a part in the Book of Mormon and he tells us how much he enjoys it because it was the exact chapter he needed. It is such a good experience helping him to realize the need he has to repent and the potential that he has when he does. For me it's always more special when you get to help someone who really needs to change thier life and to see the process. There is nothing greater in this life than sincere repentance. As always, pray for me and for our investgators.
Love Elder Bangerter

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