Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another crazy opportunity

If there is one thing I am going to miss as a missionary it's the special privaleges you get. On Saturday we got to see Elder Dallin H. Oaks which was a pretty incredible experience. He is ther third that I've been able to see so far but of all of them, he is the onethat I am most familiar with so it was especially special. When he walked into the chapel he had a giant little boy grin and he was smiling almost the whole time. His voice is so familiar and commanding and it is so neet to hear it in real life. Before he bagan we all got to shake his hand and as I looked deep into his eyes there was a feeling that was hard to describe. I recieved a witness that he is and apostle and prophet of God and I will never forget it. My companion, Elder Santana also related to me afterwards that as he shook his hand, Elder Oaks called him by his first name. There was also a seventy there who gave an awesome talk on repentance and afterwards Elder Oaks spoke to us about revelation and what he has learned about it in his life. I tried to take really good notes but its hard to get it all down. I wish I could relate all of the experience but it was really a marking moment in my life and a great missionary motivator. As far as other things happening here, we'll have two baptisms and a marriage this week so I'm pretty excited for that. Pray for our investigatgors that they will go through with it. I hope you're all doing your missionary part back home and I love you all.
Love Elder Bangerter

Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010

Well it's been a pretty normal week. So basically it's been quite fantastic. The work is going really well, and we got some great investigators from the other area that closed. One is yet another couple with an inactive man and his wife who were set to be married and her baptized but they had abig fight two day before and it was canceled. This week however, we've really been trying to focus on the man, Junior, to address his problems and help him to return to activity. He was baptized at just ten years old and brought almost his whole family into the church but then went inactive. He made some very poor choices and the first time I talked to him a week ago he was having trouble believing in God and felt like there was no happiness in this life. We could have just left him, thinking that he didnt want anything and that he was lost but we testified and taught him as well as we could and every time we go there he pays more attention to what we say. We always mark a part in the Book of Mormon and he tells us how much he enjoys it because it was the exact chapter he needed. It is such a good experience helping him to realize the need he has to repent and the potential that he has when he does. For me it's always more special when you get to help someone who really needs to change thier life and to see the process. There is nothing greater in this life than sincere repentance. As always, pray for me and for our investgators.
Love Elder Bangerter

Monday, October 11, 2010

Same town with a new face in the crowd

So we had transfers today if you believe or not. I know you probably dont. Anywho, My good friend, Elder CorrĂȘa was transfered afer 4 or 5 months here and I recieved Elder Santana who has four months on the mission. I'm very extremely much excited to work with him, he seems like a good hard worker and we should have alot of success this transfer. Last transfer we didnt have alot of visible results but we prepared alot for this transfer and we should start having some good stuff here soon. We're planning a marriage for mext week of and awesome couple, of which the husband is returning from inactivity. we also marked the baptism of a man who will marry one of the sisters in our ward so I'm glad to be working with families now. The area next to me closed so I'll be working in two areas now as well. Probably the best news of the day is that we cleaned the house today and it's AMAZING! Lets just say I should've taken before and after pictures because it's basically a different house now. It helps that we only have two people now. Other than than nothing to extremely or terribly exciting happened this week. I will say however that I am very upset at those individuals who went skydiving WITHOUT ME! I'd like to see you all in my office after my mission to explain your disbehavior. And just when I was beggining to believe you could trust the people in this world. But ya, life is extraordinary, thanks for you're love and support, I'll need your prayers to help with the little extra load. Love you all!
Love Elder Bangerter

Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010

KOREEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Holy cow. I dont even believe it. Tim, you're the man/ you need to write me still. Also glad to hear all about your large stomachs Nicole and Crystal, I hope you're doing well. Conference was pretty awesome of course, I remembered lots of things that I'm really bad at and some things I'm really good at like pride. I especially enjoyed president Monson's talk on gratitude because it's something I need to do so much better. President Eyring promised in the begining of the session to listen for the spirit to tell you what to do, follow that prompting and that in doing such our faith would grow. For me I felt that I needed to keep a list of gratitude with me to lessen my pride and take for grantedness. I really enjoyed how he talked about trusting in the Lord. Thats awesome that you all got to watch the session, wish I coulda been there with ya. Oh ya one more crazy thing, that Dan Jones that I mentioned quite some time ago, that was in uncle Jared's finance class, is a bishop here now but yesterday I was talking to him and realized that his daughter is Macy that Doug was dating. Small world. As far as the work here, we've got two new couples that we''re working with where the husband was inactive but is returning and we should be baptizing both of the wifes soon and marring one that isnt married. They were definitely an answer to prayer and fasting to find a family to teach and I'm loving teaching/strengthening about the gospel. Families are the best! I hope you're all doing well and doing lots of missionary work back hope, love you all. Also everybody give Dan a big kiss for me this week and I do believe that a certain Jazmin Smith is having a birthday soon but I could be mistaken. Alright that's all.
Love Elder Bangerter
P.S. Hey dad could you send me a good picture of the aquarium so I can show it to people, that would be awesome!