Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23, 2010

Well life goes on as normal. Not a ton to report but it was definitly a good week as always. There is a drunk guy who always speaks english with me so thats pretty fun. Also, I am very much addicted to AcaĆ­ and will probably die if I dont find it when I get home. We had kind of a surprise baptism because there was a lady atending another ward who actually would belong to our ward but the missionaries there were teaching her. Anyways, we still got to teach her a little but and we helped her overcome her fear of baptism(she was really scared) and the baptism was awesome. She already has a son who was baptised as well. Also, while we were at her house, her mother was there and she siad that she had been having really terrible nightmares. We gave her a blessing and at the baptism she repoted that they had ceased. It's pretty cool to have the opportuity to use the priesthood on a regular basis. Also kind of random, but lately I've been studying the history of the church and it's pretty incredible to read all of the accounts of faith that they displayed in times of trial. It amazes me how easy we have it and yet we still complain. I'm definitely grateful for our awesome heritage! As always, I'm loving being Elder Bangerter, and I'm not at all anxious to take off my nametag. KInda crazy that tomorrow makes 6 months. I'm no longer a Greenieee!!! As if I was ever a greenie! Anywho, love you all,chow!
Elder Bangerter, the incredibly dashing

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