Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30, 2010

Alrighty, so I guess it´s been a while since we had a quality email from Elder Bangerter. then again maybe we´ve never had a quality email from Elder Bangerter but I suppose we´ve just got to live with what we´ve got right? Anywho, just to update the situation, last week I was transferred from Jordão to Campo Grande which is more or less in the center of the city so basically I'm livin high class now. This is probably the best house I've had so far on the mission. It´s got a roof and everything! But ya, my new companion is Elder Antonio from Minas and he´s pretty awesome because, well let´s face it, you put anyone next to Elder Bangerter and he looks good if you know what I mean. We worked alot this week and by worked alot I mean walked around alot pretending to be efficient. It´s always a little rough opening an area though so I'm not to worried and luckily my companion got sick and can´t work for a week so it´s just uphill from here. P-DAY EVERY DAY!!! Just kidding, I'll probably go crazy. I think I'm going to try to read the BOM cover to cover. Anyways, I'm happy and content as always, I still like being a missionary, and I'm still learning tons of good things every day. I suppose that happens when you don´t know too much but really though, I love the refining process of a mission. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, I still havent figured out why they dont have thanksgiving here? I suppose they've got plenty of other holidays to make up for it. Cant wait for Christmas, I've got a really good feeling about this one:) Anyways, keep praying for me and for my area. Let me know whats going on in your lives even if I'm not very good at letting you know what´s going on in mine. Any mission calls or marriages that I missed? By the way, I'm pretty excited that David's gonna be speaking my lingua, we're basically gonna have a party when he gets home.

Love, Elder Bangerter

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