Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6, 2010

Well, we made it through the weekand it looks like my companions alive, but I'll have to verify that just to be sure. It was a pretty eventful week if you know what I mean. I didn´t quite finish my BOM goal but at least I got to about page ten. I actually ended up doing divisions and working in the office inputing baptismal forms into the computer though. I guess President wanted me to keep working or something, but I haven´t quite nailed down why yet. It was actually kinda funny though, the other two missionaries in the apartment got sick too. I think they started wondering why there was just one missionary free of disease. Luckily I'm pretty sure they never realized I was poisoning their food so I think I'm good. I found out that lady in my last area who had a dream as a response to her prayer got baptized yesterday so I'm pretty happy about that. It was a pretty neat experience. Anyways, I'm outta time but thanks so much for the emails, Dan it´s good to hear from you, I'll try to get a letter out soon. Have a good week!
ELder Bangerter

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