Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010

Hey sorry I dont have a ton of time this week to write but it sounds like everyone is doing great and its awesome to hear the updates from everyone. Congrats JAmes and Nicole on the Jobs and the birthday, you're the best.This week went really well, the baptism and marriage went through so I'm pretty happy about that, I hope we can continue to help that family grow closer still. Sometimes I think it's kinda crazy that I'm a nineteen year old kid helping out married people with families but I suppose David killed Goliath so The Lord does what he wants with whoever he wants. Also, I know we all thought it was impossible but I found another Brother Smith in brazilian form in my ward. I swear it's the same person! Glad to hear as well that we have another red headed (we suppose) boy coming, I hope you can handle another. Congrats Dad on losing 20 pounds, it looks liek youve lost the wieght I gained on the mission. I guess I've just kinda let myself go:) Well. like always I wish I had more time to expound but duty calls.
LOve Elder Bangerter

PS heres the two families we married

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