Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another crazy opportunity

If there is one thing I am going to miss as a missionary it's the special privaleges you get. On Saturday we got to see Elder Dallin H. Oaks which was a pretty incredible experience. He is ther third that I've been able to see so far but of all of them, he is the onethat I am most familiar with so it was especially special. When he walked into the chapel he had a giant little boy grin and he was smiling almost the whole time. His voice is so familiar and commanding and it is so neet to hear it in real life. Before he bagan we all got to shake his hand and as I looked deep into his eyes there was a feeling that was hard to describe. I recieved a witness that he is and apostle and prophet of God and I will never forget it. My companion, Elder Santana also related to me afterwards that as he shook his hand, Elder Oaks called him by his first name. There was also a seventy there who gave an awesome talk on repentance and afterwards Elder Oaks spoke to us about revelation and what he has learned about it in his life. I tried to take really good notes but its hard to get it all down. I wish I could relate all of the experience but it was really a marking moment in my life and a great missionary motivator. As far as other things happening here, we'll have two baptisms and a marriage this week so I'm pretty excited for that. Pray for our investigatgors that they will go through with it. I hope you're all doing your missionary part back home and I love you all.
Love Elder Bangerter

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