Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2010

So today was transfers..... and I stayed!!!!! This is the first time I've ever stayed with the same companion for 2 transfers which is cool. Also, this is his last so I'll probably end up staying two more transfers which equals a whole lot of time. I'm glad though, I like the area and I like my comp so I got nothin to complain about. as far as the week went, it was pretty good until the newyears weekend. As Brazilians tend to do, they continued the party for a few days. It was actually pretty funny, on Saturday we were walking around in our area and we passed this lady who standing in front of her house dancing during the morning hours, then we passed like at night and she was still there standing in the exact same position, doing the exact same dance. I thought it to be quite humorous. As far as our new years festivities, we bought some sparkling cider, missed midnight but shot off the bottle caps anyways as if it were midnight. Then we were drinking them and I started laughing and threw up all over the floor so that was pretty exhilarating. I dont know if you wanted to hear about that... My comp was like ´´what did I tell you!`` and I was like ´´you said not for to drink the drink,´´ and he was like ´´what did you do!`` and I was like ´´I drinked it.`` and he was like ´´why did you do that!`` and then I was like ´´ I dont Knooowww!!!`` It´s the BRAIIIN DAMAGE!! All elders have brain damage. Anywho, I've been planning to schedule out a time to sit down and make some goals of when I'll stop and make some new years resolutions but I havent gotten around to it yet. Maybe I'll get to it near the end of the year. But yea, I hope everyone had a great new years and such and that you'll all take advantage of 2011 since it's the last year before the end of the world I love you all and had a blast talking to you on the phone!

Love retregnaB redlE
1well you can´t tell butt we're dripping wet.
2. Our christmas celebration 

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